Sharing complete solution

Requirements for public, private and non-public sharing in companies or universities are realized in the overall solution obALu. The building blocks of smart mobility are administration portals, fleet management, workshop organization and maintenance tools as well as the consistent digital interface to the end customer. The native obALu app for iOS and Android is customizable to customer requirements.

obALu adapts to your corporate design

IoT Platform piCloud

Backend system platform for data storage, data analysis and control of IoT hardware. The integrated data analysis and update tool allows users to access device and sensor groups. A meaningful dashboard provides real-time analytical data. Intelligent data management is a prerequisite for combining AI (AI), data and control.

Multi-client capability in a portal solution

IoT in public space

The walking and movement game "Street-Points" brings IoT to the cities and makes them an experience. The IoT devices "Street-Points" are installed in streets and parks as energy-autonomous display solutions with radio data transmission. Equipped with ePaper display technology, NFC and LTE-NB-IoT, the smart devices interact with the players, log RFID IDs and send the paths they take in the form of data records to the back end.

Street-Points is digital movement motivation

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Your solution with innovative approaches

The core business of pironex GmbH is the development and provision of series solutions as well as customer-specific electronics and software. The development engineers of the innovation teams develop electronics, housings and software for a wide range of applications in medicine, research, mobility and industry. The innovation potential from the areas of hardware development, design, construction as well as software development are combined in agile development processes in the sense of product development. Software development includes embedded software for device electronics, desktop application software for Windows and Linux. Backend databases and REST-API interfaces in combination with industrial native apps for Android and iOS enable us to serve the whole range of customer requirements. combines the IoT solutions of pironex

These are smart hardware solutions like gateways, data loggers and industrial PCs. These products serve the needs of modern IoT ideas. The electronics such as sensors and gateways are equipped with wireless modules and serve as interfaces between the machines and the devices within the framework of the Internet of Things and the cloud solution

The web-based software package pironex-iot forms an effective, highly modern sensor network which can be configured, controlled and analyzed with the help of the parameterization software.